115,000 eBay Listings Posted in 5 Days by Hydra Lister

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Check out the DATA! We got sales, we got issues, we got lots of stuff in this video. Lots of juicy bulk drop shipping details

Whats UP guys I am HYPED!!! Its not a matter of figuring out how to produce sales anymore. Now, I have to learn how to scale up without getting my orders cancelled…. Yikes!!

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Want to support my work? Here are affiliate links for all the drop shipping software I do videos on.

Facebook Group:

DSM Tool:

Landing page

DSM tool is a great option for drop shippers. It is priced quite fairly and includes many features. It has a lister and a repricer along with other features. It is free for 50 items (no time limit) which makes it one of the best options available for beginners.

JitBit Macro Recorder:
MR Basic:
MR Pro:
MR Premium:

Pricematik is a solid drop shipping tool that inccludes a lister, a seller scraper (scan to find items that have sold), and a repricer. It is more expensive than other options but is very professional.

Kabbage Business Loans:
You can sync your paypal account up with kabbage and get a business loan. I used Kabbage to overcome my rolling reserve on my paypal account.

Hydra Lister
This tool allows you to quickly create eBay listings by pasting a source URL. Hydra is my favorite tool for bulk posting because the price of Hydra stays the same no matter how many items you post with it.

This tool pairs with Hydra Lister to monitor prices and OOS of your items

Here is my infinii affiliate link:
Infinii is a “Suite” that allows you to post items and track items as well. It has an extensive database of training videos and an MLM format affiliate program

Address Copier
This tool allows you to copy the buyer’s whole address at once for walmart items instead of copying each field one at a time.

Fees Delister
This tool allows you to delete items that have not produced a sale incredibly quickly. You can delete items that have not sold in 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, and more!

Tracking Automation (Update Duck)
This tool automatically loads your tracking numbers to eBay from your email account. I personally know the developer.

Tracking Automation (Pigeon Tracker)
This tool automatically loads your tracking numbers to eBay from your email account.

Other Drop Shipping YouTube Channels

No BS Drop Shipping
Marcus runs the “DSGenie” dropshipping software company. Marcus has a “Cut to the chase” “No bullshit” mentality and is very straight up. Marcus and I have done videos together in the past.

Jonathan Lien
Jonathan has some YouTube videos about his dropshipping business. Jonathan Lien is one of David Dang Vu’s more successful students. He is known for having a very high profit margin.

Broke To Boss Girl
Becky runs a YouTube channel about drop shipping from the UK. She is from England. If you are based in UK, then you can learn allot from her!

Dropshipping Amateur Guru
Carlos runs a YouTube channel about drop shipping in Spanish. Most drop shipping videos are in English, so if Spanish is your first language you should check out his channel!


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Comment (29)

  1. Hi Jack, while you list so much items, you must also pay a lot of fees. My question is – if I will list a lot of items I will pay a lot of fees and I might not sell as much. At the end of a day I will lose. How do I know as a begginer, that my listed items will sell. Thank you.

  2. Hey Jack, thanks for sharing another great video! The 25,000 listings that hydra missed, I know your not concerned about but FYI
    you can download a csv from hydra of the "failed" list, then delete the "fails" from hydra and load the failed file into excel
    and pull the product info and re-submit them to hydra. I have found that you will get at least another 25% of those original fails
    to list properly the second time around.

    Also, when accessing your daily profit, your insertion fee's at 100K listing is $5,000 + anchor store $350 = $5,350 a month.
    That's $5,350 / 30 days = $178.33 per day in ebay insertion fee's/anchor.

    Soooo when you run your daily total profits subtract $178.33 from your daily profit and you get your REAL profit for the day.
    The truth is in the numbers. Thats how I do it anyways.

    Cheers All~~

  3. Jack, Love your info man, Have you ever noticed Hydra-lister deducts 2 items from selling limit for every 1 item that posts? It's doing that for me so I didn't know if that was common or no really?

  4. how are you handling the overhead cost for this kind of setup? With capital investment? 6k a month just in insertion seems hard to deal with. Also, selling and paying upfront could you run into a problem without having the funds? just wondering thanks!

  5. In case you didn't know, if a buyer pays for an item, then requests for you to cancel, and you cancel and refund, you still lose $.30 from paypal, as paypal does not refund the 30 cents. They only refund the 2.9% fee they charged + the remaining ebay item sale price.

  6. Jack have an idea looking at your spreadsheet, very good putting it together. Tax time is coming up, just wondering if I put together a similar spreadsheet, you probably don't know the answer. Do you know if you give that spreadsheet to a CPA, what information would they extract that you would have to pay taxes on. Any thoughts, would it be the profit and sales column.

    Can anyone else answer this that has book keeping/accounting/CPA experience or sent in taxes for 2016. Very little knowlegde on the internet on how to do your sales manually. Great job jack.

  7. Your Paypal and eBay fees…you’re multiplying them by the cost of your item (column C)…shouldn’t it be by the price you received (column B)? Would that affect your profitability much?

  8. Great work Jack, multi-pack, and bundling is the best way to amortize shipping costs. At the rate you are realizing orders you will be underwater with fulfillment and customer service very soon, what is your plan then? Also, what is your plan for culling the listings that don't sell? It would be interesting to see the number of listings that have sold have watchers, have views and are under your price threshold. Have you noticed a patern with multiple sales of individual listings?

  9. Also please enlighten on how Walmart is not canceling everything once they figure out you are drop shipping. I'm really wanting to try this bit afraid might be alot of hassle. Hide your IP address? have several accounts?


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