Aliexpress Review: Modern Show Hair Update

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~Hair specs~
-Peruvian body wave hair
-I received 4 bundles but I only installed 3 1/2 onto a wig cap.
– lengths 16, 18, 20, 22

~thoughts on the hair~
-I’ve hade the hair since 6/30/14
– so far I like it
– the hair has Very minimal shedding
– It is soft and has a nice shine
– only problem I have with the hair is the fact that it tangles && that the ends are kind of on the thin side
– It also appears to have some fillers

-I didn’t dye or bleach this hair so I don’t know how well it takes color
-I also don’t sleep in this unit so that could have some affect on my experience with this hair

Link to the hair :

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  1. hey, guys, if you like peruvian water wave, welcome to our store, this is our top quality hair, we will choose the nice and best quality bundles for you, in addition, we will offer you a comfortable shopping experience.please contract us in time.
    here is the link of peruvian water wave:
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  2. So I bought 4 bundles of this hair ( 22, 24, 26, 26) and I have to say this is the worst hair I've ever worn including any synthetic wigs I've had! When I got the bundles the part where it is rubber banded together was all crunches together which I thought was weird but assumed that it was just a result of the compression. When I opened my bundles the curl pattern IMMEDIATELY disappeared. This was not a big deal for me because I always flexi rod or curl my hair anyway. I wore this hair for about a week and it began to tangle and KNOT sooo bad. It got to a point where I couldn't even brush it. The hair strands would STRETCH and snap when brushing it the same way synthetic hair does when you try and brush through the naps. I had a vacation trip that I was planning and couldn't afford to buy more hair and get it reinstalled before my trip so I just sucked it up because I can usually make anything work. Now, I am the FIRST person to become skeptical about hair reviews because honestly not everyone knows how to take care of hair or is used to wearing it. But I have been wearing hair weaves since I was 13 and virgin hair since 17. I bleached and ombrΓ©d hair red and it took the color VERY well. It also curls perfectly. I could not get this hair straight, it was just a fuzzy mess. I have a desk job working 9-5 and when I leave in the AM my curls look lovely but by lunch the hair is frizzed, matted, and nappy as if I just been rolling in carpet! For the past couple of weeks the only way I can wear this hair in public is in a side braid or twist. I'm not the type of person to write reviews but this experience was just AWFUL. I have been a frequent buyer of Ali express hair from a different vendor but this has been enough to convince me to never buy from ali express ever again. If you look on my page I don't even upload videos but I WILL be posting a review in this hair before I get my new hair installed. The hair is literally matted from the ROOTS to the ends despite me brain ding and wrapping it up every night. I will be posting a video here soon to back what I'm saying, I don't want to be mistaken as being exaggerative.


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