Amazon Hack #5: Be an Amazon Product Tester and Get FREE stuff! Facebook's secret amazon hack!!!!

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Facebook is one of my favorite Amazon Hacks. Use it to get a amazon coupon code for 20 off anything. i’m not kidding you can get 20 – 100% off anything using this Hack!

Here are a few links to groups that give out free stuff in exchange for honest reviews.

These 3 links are just some of the amazon review groups that can be found on Social media that give out amazon rebates.
Free stuff from amazon in exchange for reviews

Amazon Freebies

Amazon Hack for free stuff

AND Donโ€™t Forget Reddit!

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Okay this is Amazon hack number 5. today we’re going to check out some cool amazon hacks and figure out how to use social media to get free stuff from Amazon. Now Iโ€™ve talked about this before but there are hundreds of thousands of Amazon sellers that are trying to get reviews for their products because nobody wants to buy a new product on Amazon if it doesn’t have any reviews. So the sellers are getting pretty desperate and they’re willing to give out free Amazon promo codes and discounts and totally free stuff and Amazon Rebates to anyone who’s willing to leave some honest feedback on Amazon. Now this is where you and me come in week we get to leave and honest Amazon review and an exchange to get free products from Amazon now how this works is you go to Facebook and you can look up any one of these groups and the group I’m looking at is a top Amazon reviewers group. but there are a ton of groups that are very similar to this so you can check those out later for more amazon freebies. Now if we scroll down we’ll see lots of people who are trying to get reviews for different products here cameras and headphones and clothing and shoes and you’d and it’s on here pretty much anything that’s sold on Amazon. In order to get free stuff from Amazon what you have to do is actually pay for the item in advance and leave a review and then the seller will actually refund you through PayPal now they don’t approve everybody you need to contact the seller and see if they’ll work with you on it if they still need a reviewer and you also have to send them a copy of your account so they can kind of check it out make sure that your style jive with what they’re looking for. So it’s a good idea to go into Amazon and leave some product reviews for other things that you’ve paid for before you approach the sellers. Otherwise it really hesitant to give you free stuff. The stuff they’re giving out here is often very high quality camcorders and headphones and clothing. Sometimes I’ll get something that’s super cheap and was hardly worth my time. But usually it’s really really awesome stuff I love this service. And I highly recommend checking it out.

So give this a try and let me know how it goes for you leave me a comment. Tell me about the free Amazon rebates that you got and all the free stuff that you get and don’t hesitate to share what you got on Reddit. This is voice transcription of Amazon hack number 5. Check out my other videos for topics such as “freebies! get it free reviews” and learn how to get amazon coupon code 20 off any item, I’m not kidding you should never have to pay full price for anything again!!!!

Don’t forget to check out Amazon hackers.com, are subreddit Amazon hacks, and remember to subscribe to a YouTube channel if you enjoyed this video. I do hope you liked it feel free to leave a comment with any questions or thoughts on this how to get free stuff video.

Here are some products that I have gotten in the last couple weeks for atleast half off on Amazon or even free!

Free High tech thermometer

Free Aquarium supplies

Promo Code for a high quality, insulated water bottle

Rebate for more aquarium supplies

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