AT HOME LASH LIFT – LASH PERM || Does It Really Work???

I give this at home lash lift kit a really good try and let’s see if it worked. This is something that you guys have been wanting to know about since some of you can’t use lash curlers. Get a snack and a drink because this is a long one LOL!!

UPDATE you can find here!! http://www.elleleary.com/blog/2018/10/18/at-home-lash-lift-take-aways

Product Mentioned:
+ Iconsign At Home professional Lash Lift Kit: https://bit.ly/2yk0JEc
+ GRANDE COSMETICS GrandeLASH™ – MD Lash Enhancing Serum: https://go.magik.ly/ml/ghkp/

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Comment (23)

  1. I had an allergic reaction because I didnt do the patch test DO THE PATCH TEST!! I WAS TOO EXCITED!! my lids looked like a babboons backside, and the places where tint fell on my skin it scabbed. I couldnt feel my lids. Benadryl and washing with baby wash and saline syringes cleared it up in 2 days thank god. Scabs stuck around for over a week.

  2. A suggestion not to make the eyelashes pop off during the waiting time is to use plastic foil. Press the lashes from the outside of the foil, upwards and they stay in place! Helped me a lot! Otherwise I would've done the same and put every lash back in it's place the whole time as the perfectionist I am as well 😅

  3. Thanks for a great video! I'll go a bit against what you said. My eyelashes are already very curly but a bit short so I used the S-sized silicon on one eye first and it's wayyyy curlier, which is not what I wanted! The L-sized silicon pad was much more appropriate for already SHORT AND CURLY lashes. I used it to widen the curl and it worked! So now instead of curling into my eyelid, my lashes curl to the sky 😊

    P.S. you are indeed meant to wipe the perm before applying the fixating product, I just got my kit and they updated the instructions (still rather confusing hence why I'm here lol)

  4. I'm so glad I watched this video as, like you say, the instructions are basic to say the least! In the end up I've decided to look at the price I paid for this kit as a sunk cost because the time it was going to take me to do this to myself just was not worth it! I'll stick to curlers!

  5. This made me change my mind about getting my lashes lifted. My eyes are super sensitive and I have achmephobia (fear of sharp/pointy objects being too close to eyes. Ex: corners, mascara wands, fingers, clothing racks in stores, etc.) But my lashes are short af

  6. Oh gosh I'm paranoid when it comes to my eyes. I so wanna try this but I'm afraid getting it in my eye or my eyelashes falling out a week later! Great review by the way tho, thanks.

  7. I just did this and got great results!! Next time I think I’ll curl them with a curler first though because even though I used plastic wrap, some lashes didn’t curl as I would have liked on my 2nd eye, still curled, but with some not AS curled, the effect isn’t as dramatic as the other side.
    This process definitely requires patience! But thank you for the clearer directions! 🥰

  8. I have short eyelashes and small eyes and nothing has worked. Carefully followed everything you said and there's no difference at all. Emailed to get my money back, such a waste of time and money.

  9. well her eyelashes curl really well with an eyelash curler. now the difference is that the curl will actually stay. my eyelashes do not curl without something on them like mascara.


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