Baby and Cats Playing Together – Funny Baby and Pets Moments

☞ Video: Baby and Cats Playing Together – Funny Baby and Pets Moments
☞ Link video: https://youtu.be/LH6mLa4j5Wg
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Comment (31)

  1. Most of these videos for cute except for the few of them where kids were hurting I would not have let my kids hug or crush a kitten like one of them and she just kept giving it back to him.

  2. 5.15 😠 take the kitten away from this boy !!! THAT'S NOT A TOY !!!
    I hope she will bite and scratch him very hard if she is bigger/older …then he will learn it ! Poor cat 👹 So stupid to give the kids all they want , if they starts to crie a little bit !!!!

  3. I cringed at how rough some of these babies were with their cats while the parents stood by filming them. When the cat gets pissed enough to bite and scratch them in the face, the parents will blame the cat and not themselves for being airheads. I'd never allow my baby to be that rough with a cat! 🤬

  4. Give her baby back. She loves it. You stupid people. Can't you hear that kitten crying. That baby is to young to be handling that kitten. I'd like to know? did she in up choking it to death in the end? Next time show your faces. so we can figure out. who you are and turn you in for cruelty to animals. And it's not funny. So why are you laughing? SICK

  5. Baby number 2 wants to sit on the cat so badly 🙂 And the idiot trophy goes to the parents that let the baby pull the orange cat along the floor by the tail and the mon who let the baby just about strangle the blk kitty. What is wrong with you adults.

  6. Some were cute because the baby and cat/kitten are behaving appropriately towards each other, but many of the interactions on this video are perfect examples of WHAT NOT TO ALLOW between children and pets, nothing is funny about little babies getting scratched and scared. 🙁

  7. Are you kidding!?!?!. You can hear the black kitty screaming when the kid with the navy blue shirt on is squeezing it. They take the kitty away and the kid cries so they give the kitty back to him so he can choke and squeeze it some more. And people think that’s cute?!

    Then you. Let that one kid grab the kitten around the house by his leg or tail. Couldn’t really tell which one. Why would anyone thinks that’s cute? Instead of filming this cruel animal abuse and sit with the child until he learns how to be kind to animals. Kids are stronger than the cat and can really hurt it.

    When the baby crawls over the cat juju with his full weight on top of the cat could have really hurt it. Then you got babies hitting the kitty. A cats claws are as sharp as a razor blade and with one swipe at his face could put the kids eye out.. I owned a cat and a dog and they always played together. One day they were playing and my cat took a swipe st my dog and guess what happened? My dog
    Lost his eye. It only took one swipe.

    OMG!! Then you got the kid with the white kitty putting his mouth all over it and squeezing the cat to the point the kitty can’t even meow and whoever is filming it does absolutely nothing. What’s wrong with people??!!!!??? You can hear the person talking to the kid but you let him squeeze the cat almost to death. One day when you aren’t looking, you might find the cat dead because you don’t teach your kid how to handle an animal.

    Then you have the baby on the sofa. In a split second the cat jumps on the kids face. That’s how fast a cat can put a baby’s eye out. Have these parents ever tried keeping a baby away from pets until they are old enough to understand what to do around the pet cat or dog. Guess you’re too busy filming than keeping your baby or cat from harm.


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