Banggood Carbide Milling Cutters, Review

Two examples have been received – an 8mm (3 flute) recommended for aluminum and a 10mm (4 flute) for general purpose. Gave both a quick test and overall find them suitable, with very adequate performance — cuts were not unduly large, as the tests were on a small machine They do appear to represent good value with the 8mm being $9 and the 10mm, $12.
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  1. G'Day Chris, Its aluminium, not aluminum. Just because you live in America and Americans all pronounce it wrongly doesn't mean you have to!! Regards Dave

  2. Bangood is the same crap as shars sells by the same crappy manufactures. Only difference is when bangood buys their crap they ask for it to be branded with their name.

  3. Hi Chris,
    I bet Banggood also sell metric collets. Usually they are pretty cheap. They are super handy!
    Try the aluminium cutter with some denatured alcohol as lubricant. You won't believe the difference!
    (I picked up that tip from Stefan. It's well worth trying)

  4. Hi Chris,
    Those endmills are looking good mostly at a price that compares to good HSS tooling, be careful that the tool doesn't lift your part when using high helix cutters, I've got that a few times, it results in a big crash…
    When using carbide you need to get a rigid set-up or you'll get chatter and vibrations, and, lower speeds will chip the cutters very rapidly…
    Get yourself some metric collets soon only metric tooling will be available…
    Cheers, Pierre

  5. Of course you talk about the weather…. you're English !
    I think there is even some stuff about the weather in the Magna Carta….


  6. They look very good value for money, and being slot drills you can also plunge cut with them, have you tried them on any hard materials yet ? These could be handy when milling close to a weld, where it goes really hard when welding anything with carbon in it. Chris B.

  7. I'm glad you posted a review on these. I've been looking at their face mills and other tooling it seems like it would be well worth it for the home shop.

  8. I try to stick with even flute cutters. With a 3 flute cutter in a slotting application, you will only have one tooth cutting at a time. This is why you get chatter on the side walls. It is also why they put a high helix angle on, trying to keep more of the flute in contact for longer. Thanks Chris.

  9. Those seem to be really nice cutters, Chris. I have their web site saved. Thanks for the review! One extreme or the other with the weather…here we are expecting a rain/snow mix in the next day or so…good thing I held off planting the tender crops in the garden! πŸ™‚


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