Funny Dog Reaction to Water Sprayer [BEST REACTION EVER]

How are you friends? How is the weather? Today we are very hot, and Bailey and I decided to cool down with a water sprayer, look at the very funny reaction of the golden bailey retriever to the water sprayer. Subscribe to Bailey and post your comments below this video!


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Comment (39)

  1. Bailey is gorgeous. I just lost my golden retriever and it was a huge lost. When I look at your video I was so glad to remind my Max. Take care very well of him and keep scanning him every year as part of his checkup. If I had done that maybe I would still have my dog with me. All the best

  2. Que cachorro mais lindo, ele é tão fofo que quero ele pra mim. Parabéns seu cachorro é muito lindo e esperto,E parabéns pelo amor q você transmite para ele.😘😍🤗👍👍


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