Gearbest 80m Laser Distance Meter (Tape Measure) Review

A $40 laser tape measure supplied by gearbest.com which has an accuracy of +/-2mm. It works remarkably well in bright daylight although it helps to use a tripod when measuring long distances.

Product link (gearbest.com):
80M LCD Display Laser Distance Meter Digital Range Finder Laser Tape Measure with Bubble Level

Note: some items in this video were supplied at zero cost.


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Comment (21)

  1. garbage if you can't calibrate it …. 4mm on 100cm is "incredibly accurate" NOT … for rough measuring it might be sufficient .. but for PROs and people who like and need precision , on short distances , this is not the right tool … the price is right I guess 🙂

  2. We are a laser distance sensor manufacturer who is list in top three. Our sensor can use for robot and drones. Can also use for industry area. We provide also laser distance meter, etc. If anybody need, welcome to contact +86 18008003163.

  3. Much appreciated for posting this video especially that the manufacturer never bother to post a tutorial. What I can't figure out even after reading the mini catalogue is how to calibrate it. Instructions are not clear. My device is off by about 14 centimeters per meter, which is annoying. I thought calibrating it may be a fixer, but would really appreciate your feedback if you have figured out how to do this. Cheers

  4. Do you know what s different thing between with Sndway products? These both products are similar. Just brand name didnt write on yours. ? Apart from brand name, all features and quality are same?

  5. Thanks for the video.
    The more important thing no one says is. When you select the english
    system scale (feet and inches) does it show the in between inches
    divided x 10 ( that is not really useful) or one 32 and one 16 and so? like on a real tape

  6. The price has clearly crashed on those things. The Leica Distomatic units had a cripplingly high price tag. When the Stanley ones became affordable I bought one from the USA and between it and the DeWalt laser plumb it saved me a LOT of work in hanging track and bars in theatres and studios.


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