GearBest Review – Belt / Mag Pouch / Soldering Iron & Cleaner

GearBest contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in reviewing some products. Here’s what I selected:





And go ahead and check out their other products:



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  1. I have one of those soldering iron cleaning ball things and it works really well, I use a Turnigy 947 MKIII variable temperature solving iron with Hakko soldering tips and it works great, I used to have one with a sponge, but the copper wool ball is much better in my opinion.

    Thanks for showing us some nice cheap options, soldering isn't that hard, but getting a good iron makes a world of difference.

    Thanks for sharing the video with us!

  2. I personally bought a $9 one on amazon that still holds up, but not knowing how to solder wire joints correctly, I have a stryfe that has worker 132's and wheels with 18 AWG running through it. And not a thing is soldered in it, I know it won't hold up long, but I'm terribly at soldering so what can you do…

  3. As someone who has bought a soldering iron but is yet to actually use it, what difference is there between the copper soldering iron cleaning ball and the stainless steel dish scourers I see in the supermarket?


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