How Good Is A $40 Smart Watch? | K88H Gearbest Review | Sami Loyal

This smart watch under $50 is a pretty cool piece of tech but we’re gonna be taking a closer look at it to see if it’s actually worth buying in 2017 and late 2016!

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Buy the watch: http://www.gearbest.com/smart-watches/pp_294090.html?lkid=10247870


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Comment (24)

  1. I find it strange you did not mention other handy features such as notifications of text messages, facebook, email, incoming calls, etc. One can even send and receive calls through the BT. I have this watch, and I think these things are worth mentioning. One thing I have learned about cheap smart watches that hardly anyone mentions is that although they can work well they do have two troubles: first, the odds of receiving one that is defective is high, and two, they have a tendency to not last very long. My next watch is going to cost quite a bit more so that I can enjoy it much longer.

  2. Their $9.99 and sometimes on sale for $5.99 smart watch has even more features, such as sim and micro sd slots, camera and music players independent from you phone. Email, text and phone features plus much more. Reliably works too.

  3. Bought one of these from an ebay seller and it stopped working after a day. will only come on on watch screen and the rest of the apps have stopped…steer clear of these.

  4. Hey there nice review, I would just like to ask a question , if you plug in headphones to your phone and play music through the phone will the music play through the headphones or will it go to the watch, thanks


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