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Hey guys! Today I’m gonna go over how to get great reviews on your newly launched product on Amazon. The key to this is having an enticing email sequence that gets people to actually want to give you a review, so I’ll be covering how to set up the absolute best sequence to guarantee that, step-by-step.


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  1. Hi Dan, the video is really great! I was wondering if you have another video that goes step by step through the process of creating those coupon codes on both Seller Central and JumpSend and link them to those email sequences on this video. Thank you very much.

  2. Subscribed post notifications is turned on, my youtube recommendations is filled with FBA videos as ive been researching the topic for about a week now, my question to you Dan is there any difference for individuals residing outside of the US wanting to start on this journey? Or is it more or less a level playing field๐Ÿค” thanks for all you guidance thus far


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