How To Make Great Product Reviews for YouTube and Amazon

Here I provide my humble advice for doing product reviews on YouTube and Amazon. If you have been approached by a company to do a product review, you may find this helpful.


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  1. Since Tony just "busted me out"! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am kidding on that, Tony is welcome to use anything I send him anytime, but I am the one who asked the questions about the product review. I am always honest to a fault and once someone asks my thoughts, they will get them fully whether good, bad or indifferent. I think I would give the review, but I think I would try to give a pro and a con on the item if there are any. So I think if yo can add some sugar into the bitter water, the review will be honest but not mean. So i appreciate Tony's advice and will follow it. He is someone I respect and love to watch his videos. So I will make several videos on my review. I will do an unboxing, then the review and then a comparison review with an item I have that is near identical to the product they are sending me. So that should help others decide where to spend their hard earned dollars. I am very grateful that someone wants me to review their product. Let the fun begin! Thanks Tony.


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