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Brand: Kinglux
Type: Binoculars
For: Outdoor activities
Focusing System: Individual Eyepiece Focus
Color: Black
Body Coated with Rubber: Yes
Amplification Factor: 2.5X
Objective Lens (mm) : 42mm
Field of view: 455m / 1000m
Field Angle(degree): 28 degree
Exit pupil diameter: 19mm
● It is a handy binocular, suitable for observing star
● Fully multi-coated for maximum brightness
● Huge field of view will contain many constellations in their entirety
● Raise the binoculars to your eyes, many objects just below naked eye visibility pop into view
● A series of small baffles to eliminate stray reflections, getting clear images
● Excellent for scanning Milky Way star clouds and dark nebulae on dark nights
● You can enjoy finding a row of stars in constellations and millions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy
● The binoculars doesn’t have prism

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