MondayMastery: Get Amazon FBA Product Reviews (Private Label, Bundles, Wholesale) Create listings

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  2. What is the difference between private label and bundling? I have several items I bought from China packaged together as a unique gift set. It doesn't exist online yet so I know I need to get a UPC for it, but do I call it a bundle or is it just it's own item?

  3. So if you get people to review your product but the reviews outweigh the product actually sold, wouldn't that be a problem with AZ, possible suspension? Especially when you're listing a brand new product under brand registry. As a new seller to AZ but not to selling in general, I could have my current customer base go in and review products for me but I would be worried if 10 people reviewed the product and only 2 had been sold. Thoughts? Thanks for the great videos, enjoy watching them.


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