New Ebay Seller Hub – Seller Dashboard – Full Review/Walkthrough

This is a full walk through video showing the brand new eBay Seller Hub. Hopefully this will give you a good idea of how it works and how you can utilize it.
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Comment (23)

  1. i am checking onto crating the sellers hub account and one of the listed features says you can switch.
    "Easy to switch
    If you decide you want to go back to your old selling tool—My eBay, Selling Manager, or Selling Manager Pro—it's easy to switch back. Don't worry, you can opt back in to Seller Hub at any time"

  2. i tried to list my my 1st item today. I ran into a brick wall when it came to shipping. The only option I was given for 1st class was 1-3 days. I'm doing free shipping. I cant guaranty once I drop it in the mail that it will get there in 3 days. Everyone else selling the same item has "FREE Standard Shipping" and "Estimated on or before Thu. Mar. 15." Thats 8 days lee-way from today. Why am I not getting that option?

  3. It took eBay [only] 20 years before someone working there asked the question
    "How can we make ebay better for….. SELLERS?"
     I wonder how many more years before they answer?

    Has ebay ever made any big changes WITHOUT it blowing up in their [our] face?

  4. Great vid! I just have one question, in an other video I watched of yours you had some new merchandise/stock that you had I think they were posters and like minecraft merch. I was just wondering where you got those items as I really eager to start amazon selling. And Im trying to find websites or places to by new stock to sell on amazon. Thanks. 🙂

  5. Hi Michael. I just found your channel recently and have been devouring your videos. The one question I have is what (if any) POS software you use to keep track of your inventory. Thanks for all the great content!

  6. Hey michael. I was going to mention this on a thread regarding counterfits nds games on one of your videos. But I jsut don't remember which video that was on. It seems they're also now restricting sales on pokemon nintendo DS games. All of the pokemon games that fetch $30+ are now restricted. This sucks :/

  7. Oh by the way i got it with out signing into the email, checked it out and have mixed feelings about it, I keep opting in and out all the time, LOL. I have listed items with seller hub, its different but easier in my opinion.

  8. Glad you are back. Great video. I'm not liking that the traffic analytics page shows the same item more than once. It shows analytics for each time that you've relisted that item and it makes it more difficult to read. I get that is shows how the item has done over time, but I wish they would note which numbers are for the current active listing. It's also not as easy to locate which items have ended and need to be relisted. Other than that, I'm liking it so far.

  9. Is the Seller Hub only available to users with high feedback? I only have 18 positive feedback(100%), but do not think I qualify for the Seller Hub.


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