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Hello again!
Banggood.com has sent me some apparels and a pair of shades of my own choice to review two months back. Sorry that I took so long to upload this review! D:

Outfit 1
Balloon Chiffon Top-Banggood.com

Outfit 2
Green Stripes Chiffon Top-Banggood.com

Outfit 3
Pink Off Shoulder Ribbon Chiffon Top-Banggood.com

Outfit 4
Checkered Ribbon Long Sleeve Shirt-Banggood.com

Retro Round Frame Shades-Banggood.com
They have ceased production for this item,so do check out their whole gallery of ladies apparels: http://bit.ly/1fvapfm

Other apparels featured in the video:

Outfit 1
Green Knitted Cardigan: Taobao.com
Belt: Coconuts.taobao.com

Outfit 2
Green Knitted Cardigan: Taobao.com
Belt: Coconuts.taobao.com
Navy daisy print skirt:Cotton On

Outfit 3
Ribbon Hairclip: Artbox
Navy daisy print skirt:Cotton On

Outfit 4
Black Skater Skirt: Taobao.com

My thoughts on the apparels:
Banggood.com offers a huge variety of apparels at really low prices.Although I’ve seen mixed reviews about Banggood’s company regarding their shipment duration,I’ve received mine in about a week,which was really fast!

What’s not so fabulous about the apparels are that you get what you paid for-literally.The materials used to make the clothes are really thin,as if their manufacturer are on a cloth ration.The first two sleeveless chiffon tank tops were fine,except for the last two apparels.The workmanship were not exactly there,with a few stray threads here and there.And what you see may not be what you get-the checkered long sleeve top that I received was different compared to the one shown on their website.On the bright side,the quality and workmanship for the shades were pretty decent for such a cheap price,and some of their apparels are really cute and affordable! 😀


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  1. you have to make sure that these clothes fit the average or above average american, because the bodies we have here in the states in nothing near what they have overseas. I went on BANGGOOD website and didnot find these glasses, so where are they?


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