Top 5 Traffic Sources To Make SALES & $$$ (FREE Traffic & Paid Traffic Methods)

Learn Sarah’s top 5 traffic sources for 2019! Includes both FREE traffic & paid traffic methods.
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Traffic Source #1: Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads are the kind of ads you see as youโ€™re scrolling through your newsfeed on Facebook. Theyโ€™re beginner friendly, an โ€œall-aroundโ€ traffic source and can be used to sell anything โ€” while having the benefit of being low-cost and easy to use.

Even better, is you donโ€™t need to be an expert to see results. Essentially, you just tell the Facebook ads algorithm what you want to achieve, who your ideal customer is, give them your ad image, video and text โ€” and let them do the rest.

And then you can choose who EXACTLY you want to target with your ads. Because Facebook has so much data on its users, you can get very specific about who you want to target.

Whether promoting low-cost items, driving traffic to an upcoming webinar, or trying to increase engagement on one your siteโ€™s articles, Facebook is a highly effective, yet easy-to-understand traffic source we highly recommend beginners use.

Traffic Source #2: Search Engine Traffic (SEO)

While SEO is more on the technical side, the concept is rather basic.

When you type in a keyword (for example, โ€˜make moneyโ€™) into a search engine like Google, you get back millions of results related to this keyword.

Google shows these results based on relevancy. For example, if an article from a blog featured the keyword โ€˜make money,โ€™ this would be in a way signalling to Googleโ€™s algorithm that this blog is probably related to the search term โ€˜make money.โ€™ So based off of this relevancy, Google will rank this website high within the search results for this keyword!

The downside is while search engine traffic is free, โ€œgamingโ€ the algorithm to earn this free traffic is rather a challenge.

A while ago, Google used to select the best results based on keyword relevancy. This however got watered down when people started to โ€˜keyword stuffโ€™ their sites with the aim of appearing more relevant to Googleโ€™s algorithm.

Now Google is much smarter, ranking in the search engine is focused on a rather subtle factor that cannot be easily gamed: Backlinks.

Traffic Source #3: Instagram Ads

While Instagram is owned by Facebook โ€” it is a totally different monster.

With Facebook, long ad copy texts work super well and receive high engagement from users. Instagram, however, is VISUAL โ€” and so visual ads like video stories work much better.

The best part? More and more, Instagram ads are becoming more effective than Facebook ads, once you know how to sell the right product.

Another โ€˜perkโ€™ with Instagram ads is they share the same user interface with Facebook for creating ads, making it easy-to-understand and use (even on your first go!).

Traffic Source #4: YouTube Videos

Given Wholesale Ted has 250,000+ (at this point of time), itโ€™s fair to say YouTube is a great way of driving traffic.

At Wholesale Ted, we create videos built around search terms people are looking for โ€” like โ€œhow to create a shopify store.โ€ These videos can be tutorials showing viewers step-by-step how build a store; or review videos where we talk about the features, pros and cons, and give our own personal opinion on a product or service we believe our subscribers would benefit from.

To monetize this video, we add an affiliate link to the description โ€” then as a โ€˜thank youโ€™ for the value we have provided through our video, people use our link to purchase the product or service we recommend. When the person buys through our link we earn a commission.

Traffic Source #5: Google AdWords

Different to Google, Google AdWords is a program whereby you pay Google to have your ad shown for a particular keyword.

These ads are extremely powerful, not only because Google is the biggest search engine in the world, but because these ads are SUPER targeted.

The downside to this is that bidding for competitive keywords drive the bidding price up, making your ad more expensive to show.

While this also minimizes the profit you can make from selling cheap low-cost items, like in Aliexpress dropshippingโ€ฆ

…it is a GOLD MINE for selling high-ticket items like couches, kayaks โ€” plus other type of items like electronic devices.


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  1. Hi Sarah, first off…I am a recent subscriber and love your informational videos. I am also glad youโ€™re in good health. I am planning to start my own e-commerce drop shipping store, but I am stuck on how narrow I should be making my products to reach a target market. I want to sell motivational and humorous/expressive t-shirts to start. Should i stick to one motivational or humorous topic…or have several topics, and cater each to a specific audience through advertisements?

  2. At the start of the video you show some impressive numbers. Doing a quick calculation, I am guessing that this big ticket item is your drop shipping course cost at $1375.00? If true, dang, forget drop shipping, start offering drop shipping courses… that's where the gravy is.

  3. gotta love how you use has a first example a print on demand service on etsy, which you cannot use because you are supposed to do your own printing by hand, hence the "handmade" market part

  4. I mad you my Mentor now…I'm watching your content and it's so real and after completing my affiliate project I'm starting my dropshipping store and do you have any training program so that after completing my current project I can learn from your program


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